Cereal Box Art

These paintings were done on recycled cartons of cereal boxes which I gathered by various means. I take the fronts and the backs to work on and I use the other related images from the box. Then I change the story and mix in many other images and objects that relate more to the adventure of a new dimension they now play in.

The adventure is for me to see what direction each one takes because they do take on a life of their own. They are done in 3 stages, Painting, Gluing then bringing together all the elements until they pop out of the piece.


This series came about when one day my wife, Claudia. while visiting a friends home. She saw an empty Corn Flakes box, it was advertizing Mexico's Bicentenario. She said, " Do something with that." I said , "what for?" and she  answered, "because I want to see what you will do with it." That set this series into high gear, I have over 50 now , so this the start of adventure which I hope you will enjoy too.


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