Claudia’s workshops

Class # 1 Lampwork Beadmaking - Price upon request
3 day course 10 - 3 p.m. Individual instruction
This class covers the basics of beadmaking, including tools, safety and studio
set-up. Techniques include hot glass manipulation, stringers, making basic
beadshapes, marvering, dot application, annealing, bead cleaning and more.
Learn to work with hot glass on this smaller scale.
No prior experience is necessary.

Advanced Techniques 10 – 3 p.m. - Price upon request
#1 More dots, stacked, raised, twisted and distorted
#2 Frit, reduction Frit & stringer pulled from Frit
#3 Cane, twisted and striped Cane
#4 Complex twisted Cane, Retticello
#5 Rose and Leaf Cane
#6 Silvered Ivory & Talisman stringer
#7 Evil Defitrifying Purple EDP
#8 Goldstone, encased Goldstone stringer, Aventurina
#9 Encasing with clear glass
#10 Making simple Murrini, using bought Murrini
#11 Hollow Beads
#12 Dichroic Beads
#13 Sculptural Beads, birds, fish and ladybugs
#14 Let’s go wild! Try a little of everything!

Class # 2 Glass Fusing - Price upon request
1 session of 3 hrs. includes 5 square inches of kiln space & material
In this 3 hour workshop you will be introduced to the fundamental concepts
related to creating glass objects in the kiln. You will be introduced to my stash
of fusible Bullseye and Dichroic Glass. Then make 1 – 3 pendants or earrings
with your favorites. The firing takes about 5 hours and the kiln needs to cool
down on it’s own over night. The day after they can be picked up.
No prior experience is necessary.

Glass Fusing in depth - Price upon request
3 sessions of 3 hrs. includes 20 square inches of kiln space & material
This 3 day course will give you deeper insight into the world of glass fusing.
Different techniques will be explored according to the taste of the student. For
example black & clear, transparent & opaque colors, mixed techniques, more
Dichro, crinklized Dichroic….
Even organic materials like Lavender, Rosemary, Juniper… can be fused
between layers of glass too!!!
Your work will be fired after every class or on the 3rd day of class, depending
how we scheduled your workshop.

Class # 3 Polymer - Clay - Price upon request
1 session of 4 hours children - Price upon request
In this workshop you will learn about conditioning, working with and finishing
of Polymer Clay which is a very versatile material. You can make round, flat,
square… beads and buttons, heads, food & dishes for dolls, little dolls, hollow
beads or sculptural work. Making cane in Polymer Clay is recommend for
lampwork students who wish to work with Murrini (italian glass discs with a
design cut from cane).
Your creations can be baked at the end of your class which takes 30 minutes
and taken home afterwards.

Class # 4 Fairy and Fairy Dog - Price upon request
1 session of 6 – 8 hours or 2 sessions of 3 – 4 hours
In this workshop you will learn how to make a charming Fairy with wire, silk
flowers, embroidery floss and lots more. And dog too if you want.
You can also comission one by Claudia in your favorite colors or for a special


All the following classes are 3 hours per session!!! Price upon request

Class # 5 Dollmaking
If you ever wanted to make a doll then you should do it now. It’s an incredible
experience to see some fabrics stitched together the right way coming to life.
Usually in the first session we cut and sew the doll. In the next session the
clothes and accessories. The small doll and Totem doll can be done in 1
session. The large doll and Amish doll may take up to 4 sessions.

Class # 6 Jewellery construction
Come and learn how to make a necklace, bracelet and earrings! You can buy
some of my handmade beads to incorporate into your design. Or bring your
own bead collection and broken jewellery to bring it back to life!

Class # 7 Macrame
I can teach you basic macrame for bracelets, anklets …. And a few tips and

Class # 8 Sewing by hand and with Singer Sewing machine
If you’ve never sewn or want to brush up on your skills, I’ll guide you thru the
acts of oiling and threading the machine to your first wobbly stitches. Or maybe
you need a little help with the clothes of a beloved doll or human clothes to be
sewn or altered.

Class # 9 Art Quilting
Is like painting with fabrics and going wild on the sewing machine!!!
You have to develop an eye for patterns, learn techniques and put them
together. If you have a stash of fabrics you’d like to use in a crazy way bring it
with you.

Class # 10 Knitting
From scarf to socks, I’ll show you how to knit and purl, follow patterns and then
do what you want.

Class # 11 Crochet
Can be soooo much fun! If you need somebody to guide you thru an
Amigurumi Pattern (3 D animal) or simpler potholders call me!

Class # 12 Felting
Sculpture with something soft and fluffy!!! How much better can it get? Usually
I start with the egg and beads and then graduate to birds and people using the
techniques of wet and dry needle felting.

Class # 13 Embroidery
Lot’s of things can be embroidered! An Art-Quilt, your underpants, a hole in
your Jeans…. Let’s do it!!!

Class # 14 Batik
Lot’s of things can be batiked! Learn to prepare the fabric, mix the paints, do it
and then fix it afterwards. Lot’s of different techniques to learn!

Class # 15 Abstract painting with Indian Inks
The colors of the rainbow freely splashed onto paper and then play with the
different techniques to express your colors & feelings.

Class # 16 Collage, Cardmaking & Scrapbooking, Paper mache
Paper Arts are so much fun with the myriad of colorful images available from
magazines, newspapers, advertisements, scrapbooking stores…. Need help to
get started or mix the glue?

Class # 17 Intuitive Watercolor
Just that, let’s open the box, mix paint with water and go for it. I’ll be there to
cheer you on thru every step, the first two being the hardest!!!

Class # 18 Cooking and baking german specialities
Ever wanted to learn how to make Spaetzle (homemade Pasta) or real german
potato salad? It takes a german to show you and I’d be glad to do so.
Or maybe you would like to recreate something you had in Germany and learn
to cook it for a special occasion? There are lots of yummy reasons to come for a
german cooking or baking class.

Generally all workshops include materials. If you have your own materials a discount of the workshop price can be negotiated on an individual basis!!!

Here you can download Claudia`s workshop schedule as pdf-File


And here ist the Sign-up Sheet (pdf) for the workshops at Stuart Fine Art Studios