Bruce´s Workshops

In my Painting & Drawing workshops I will encourage and guide you to paint in any style you like. I enjoy helping you to discover your hidden possibilities of new expressions & discoveries in your art and in you! You are not only getting an art lesson but also art philosophy since it's my favorite subject to talk about.

A nicho is a tin box with a window and cavity much like a shadow box. The box can be painted and decorated to your hearts content and artifacts be displayed inside. It is more meaningful if you pick a special event in your life, person or animal and bring some related items to include. I have lots of trinkets to compliment your theme. Groups of up to six people welcome!!!


Painting & Drawing 3-4 hours   600 Pesos   Individual instruction
Package of 5 classes   2500 Pesos   to be paid at first class!
Nichos (mexican tin shadow box)   850 Pesos    


Nicho included but bring your own personal treasures to make it more special for you. It is kind of a time capsule! says Bruce. Lots of embellishments and fun provided!!!


Here you can download the Sign-up Sheet (pdf) for the workshops or contact me by e-mail brucewstuart [at] gmail [dot] com